Contracts and Agreements

We have extensive experience in drafting a wide variety of agreements applicable to the employment relationship. We know contract law and the particular nuances applicable to the employment relationship. As a result, clients receive agreements that serve the desired purpose without unnecessary delay or cost.

Employment Agreements
The existence of an employment agreement does not eliminate employment disputes or litigation.   In fact, a poorly conceived and written agreement will increase the potential for a dispute and litigation; the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do.  Legalese and fancy language does not increase the value of an agreement.  On the other hand, precise wording and careful consideration of contract law is critical in achieving the desired result.  We know how to achieve the proper balance.

Confidentiality & Trade Secret Agreements
Maintaining the confidentiality of information can be critical.  Release or misuse of proprietary information can be devastating.  Release or misuse of private information can result in costly litigation. Unfortunately, California law does not favor employers in the protection of their interests.  It is therefore critical to know the details of the law and have extensive experience in developing agreements that work.  We do.

Severance Agreements
Severance agreements can be used for numerous purposes including ending the employment relationship on a positive note and eliminating the possibility of costly litigation.  Achieving the desired effect of the agreement requires knowledge of multiple areas of law and careful drafting.  We know how to make agreements that work and how to counsel clients in using them.

Other Agreements
Agreements between employers and employees can take many forms and serve many purposes.  The law permits some agreements and prohibits others.  We have drafted all kinds of agreements to serve our clients’ interests from employee loan agreements to on-duty meal period agreements to relocation expense reimbursement and recapture agreements.  We listen to clients and use our knowledge of the law to create agreements that achieve the desired result.

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