Wage and Hour Compliance

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of laws governing the hours employees may work, employment classifications, payment of wages, payment of commissions and bonuses, and employee benefits.  Compliance requires an understanding of state, federal, and local laws. Ensuring compliance is critical as California laws provide lucrative incentives for employees and their attorneys to bring suit, including class action lawsuits.

We know the details and nuances in the laws.  We regularly assist our clients in analyzing exempt versus nonexempt status, accounting for all hours worked, properly paying overtime compensation, complying with California’s meal and rest period requirements, and developing policies and procedures designed to minimize and eliminate wage and hour liability.  We also conduct formal and informal wage and hour audits to locate and address problem areas.  When changes are in order, we work with our clients to ensure an effective, seamless transition.

If a claim is made, we champion our client’s position and work diligently to negotiate the best possible outcome.

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